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A Spring Day at A Promised Friend Dog Training                                                        


                                                        Our Twelve  (Plus two not pictured) 


        Our six German Shepherds with training facility in background. 

Top photo from left to right, Isis, Saul, Greta, Scout, Shadow,

and our latest addition, Chelsea, below



Carol's Dobermans Madchen and Kyle                                  


Winnie on the weave poles


                            Henna through the tire                      


             Henna on the teeter with Isis watching              


 Carols favorite breed, the Vizsla. Henna, Winnie, & Star


                             No outdoor dogs here!               


                                  Carol walking her dogs   

Greta, our cadaver search dog, at work  


               Greta as she appeared in Dog Fancy Magazine 


                                Our Wolf Hybrid, Cheyenne  

8547 Arquette Road - Oregon, Ohio - (419) 836-7751